Rosemary's Baby

Rosemary's Baby - Ira Levin This was excellent pre-Halloween reading to get me in the mood for the upcoming festivities. I'm pretty sure I saw the movie with Mia Farrow when I was a little kid (one of many horror flicks my mom unfortunately let me watch and scar me for life) because several scenes seemed very familiar. I couldn't totally remember the ending though so it did come as a surprise to me. The suspense leading up to it definitely kept me enthralled but Rosemary's ditziness and lack of awareness of the obvious clues going on around her pissed me off. That's another reason I don't like scary movies - the main protagonist/unsuspecting bimbo never sees what's coming and you just want to scream at her to take a freaking look around. I think a lot of that might have been the time period in which this book takes place - there were a lot of outdated ideas and phrases used which bothered me a little. Still a really good, scary book though. Definitely a classic for Halloween time.