Sweet Tooth, Vol. 6: Wild Game - Jeff Lemire I thought this was an excellent series - 4 stars overall. The final volume kept a knot in my stomach until its final peaceful, contemplative frames. I actually really enjoyed the ending even though it was a tad bit dramatic and sappy. It reminded me of the poem, "this is the way the world ends...not with a bang but a whimper." In fact, "The Hollow Men" is a great comparison for these comics. After everything the characters go through, so much pain and gore and death, even if they become hardened and evil from their surroundings, in the end they're still just people. And all people (man, woman, or hybrid) will someday die. They're all equals when it comes to death, and there's nothing glorious or glamorous about it.

"The Walking Dead" is also the top comparison I thought of while reading this series, and if you liked one you'll most probably enjoy the other. What I love about both of these series though is that they shine a light on humankind and study it, warning readers of what we can become and just how evil we can be (and on the flip side, also how good we can potentially be). I really enjoy these types of forewarning, post-apocalyptic story lines. They're good for self-reflection and also for a sort of sick excitement from what could possibly go wrong with society. Anyway, highly recommend.