The Secret of the Old Clock - Russell H. Tandy, Sara Paretsky, Carolyn Keene Another of the books I never read as a kid but wish I had (see also: [book: Little House in the Big Woods] et al). I think I probably would've enjoyed it as a child. It features an easy to follow, exciting mystery featuring a well-to-do teenage girl. That's something I probably could've gotten behind. I enjoyed Harriet the Spy, so that's pretty much the same thing (i.e. young sleuthing). It reads like a beginning reader's book though, so it's a little hard to get into when you're a grown-ass woman. I'll be sure to add it to the list of books I will be pushing onto my soon-to-be-born niece once she's old enough to read. That girl's gonna be a super nerd if Aunt Megan has her way, muwahaha.