The 100 Best Poems of All Time - Leslie Pockell If these are the best 100 poems of all time, then I'm even less a fan of poetry than I thought. I've always wanted to like poetry - it's a beautiful concept and seems so romantic and complicated...but it can be really boring and tedious. And a lot of it goes right over my head. I made myself read every single one of these though in hopes that I would gain a better understanding and appreciation for poetry, but unfortunately my experiment failed. I wasn't at all familiar with over half of the poems and poets included in this collection, which was really disappointing. In an "all time" list you expect to have at least heard of most of the works, right? The handful of poems that I remembered studying in either high school or college were highly enjoyable to read again, maybe because I actually learned about them back in the day. The rest, I could take or leave em. I guess I should just pick a better anthology next time.