Life with Mr. Dangerous - Paul Hornschemeier I read this because I really enjoyed [book: Mother Come Home] and wanted to see if this author/artist's other works were just as good. Although I didn't like this one as much as the previously mentioned sobfest, I was quite impressed with how poignant and dead-on accurate this dude is about young women. This graphic novel reminded me of the HBO show Girls, and if you're a 20-something chick with premium cable channels, you've probably watched it and thought holy crap, Lena Dunham kinda gets me. Chances are you can relate to at least one of the characters on the show and remember something from your younger years that you're not so proud of or that you wish you could forget. This Paul guy gets girls. His protagonist, Amy, just turned 27, a scary and kind of depressing age which I will be turning in July. Amy works a crappy retail job, has a strained relationship with her mom, a string of deadbeat boyfriends, and she talks to her cat a lot. At this point in life, you figure you would've had all your shit together and be a happy, productive adult (or so you thought as a naive sappy little kid), so it's pretty depressing when you find out that actually life kind of sucks. It's not all depressing though and there are happy parts, but you have to work for them and really appreciate them as opportunities while you can, which Amy eventually learns. This book offers some lovely yet at times graphic life lessons for young (late-teens/early-20s) girls and gives them with brutal honesty.