The Walking Dead, Book 6 - Robert Kirkman; Charlie Adlard; Cliff Rathburn In book 6, the group runs into a preacher, a pack of cannibals, and an entire gated community. Meanwhile the zombies are starting to act a little funny - they're starting to just keel over and sort of die (again). It'll be interesting to find out what this means, if the creators are going to make this a sort of time-elapsed virus that's coming to an end or what. I didn't think the new character the preacher really brought anything to the table. He tells his sob story and then he's just a hanger-on, shadowing the group wherever they go. At one point someone said something about Gabriel and I was like who? Oh yeah, the preacher man. So maybe he'll add something to the story later. The cannibal sequence was pretty scary (a decent trade-off for the weak zombies of this issue). I was wondering when they'd throw in some people-eaters. Rick and the gang seem to be somewhat safe now in their new neighborhood but it all just seems too perfect and quiet and the people seem a bit off. Their politician leader is giving me the willies, especially in his pursual of poor Andrea. I'm looking forward to finding out what happened to these people under their previous leader, the infamous Davidson. According to book 7 will be available October 16th. Agh, the suspense!