Coraline - Neil Gaiman, P. Craig Russell Wow. I skimmed through some other reviews after finishing this and a lot of people really don't like the graphic novel version of this book. I've never read the novel version so I can't compare the two myself but I guess I can understand how a reader might not want or agree with someone else's artistic interpretation of a beloved story since we all take something different from them. I have seen the film version though and I have to agree with those other reviewers that I preferred the darker, gothic, younger version of Coraline over the older, blonde, cheerful Coraline of the graphic novel. I think the gloomier one fits better in her sinister, macabre surroundings and adds to the horrific, Victorian feel of the story. Aside from that though I really liked this book and thought the story was amazing and suspenseful (I read it in one sitting - I didn't want to stop), the illustrations were beautiful yet terrifying (some of them might be a bit too scary for younger kids though), and even the fonts of the dialogue were perfect and made everything said all the spookier. I'll have to read the novel though so I can compare since it sounds like this version only scratches the surface. Even so, this is still a thoroughly enjoyable book and one of my favorite graphic novels I've read so far.