The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick I've really been wanting to see this movie but I haven't been able to convince my husband to go see it with me yet. I already made him sit through Les Miserables, for which I owe him big time, so I can't really push the issue too much, but I think if the movie follows the book then it's aimed more towards guys than gals (aside from all the simmering deep-down emotions and issues, of course, which guys decidedly do not like to discuss). But I think I'll just tell the ole hubs that it's actually not a rom-com like I previously thought; instead, it's about football (FOOTBALL, babe! your fave!) and this slightly crazy dude who meets this slightly crazy chick and they're weird together and do all kinds of running and fitness stuff together (omg, football AND working out? this movie was made for you) and there is no romance at all. Well, just a tiny tiny bit at the end. But it's funny. And you'll love it. So let's go. And hopefully that'll work because I really liked this book and now I need to see this movie. Fingers crossed!