The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business - Charles Duhigg This was a very interesting topic, and the book made me want to read further about "predictive analysts" (like those at Target who crunch numbers to figure out what we're going to buy before we even know ourselves), habit behaviors, and similar research (especially in regards to how to break bad habits like overeating or biting nails
and replace them with healthier ones). Also, I'll be much more aware now of how much information I'm sharing with companies. It's kind of scary how much they can get to know you and your spending habits just by using a loyalty card and some coupons.

The organization in this book was horrible in my opinion. It was very annoying the way he starts off with an interesting story/situation and then breaks off in the middle of it to talk about an almost completely unrelated topic that he then tries to tie in to the previous story/situation. It would've been nice if he would've just gone from beginning to end with each point and each anecdote so that you could just skip over the boring and repetitive ones.

He was also very repetitive in his points - he really likes to drive home what he's saying, especially with the little cartoon diagrams (about half of which are totally useless). The subject matter was surprisingly fascinating but the delivery was somewhat taxing and became quite boring in parts. I'm definitely interested in learning more about habits and human behavior though.