Going Bovine - Libba Bray I really enjoyed this up until I was about halfway or 2/3 finished and then I just really wanted everything to start getting wrapped up and just finish already. This book is super long for a YA book, especially when most of the books's content is a crazy hallucination/dream. I'm fine with reading something that's all "bizarro" or something with little hints of outrageousness or the absurd throughout, but it's more of an all-or-nothing type deal for me - otherwise it feels sort of half-assed. So this book was a bit disappointing in that aspect. It was refreshingly original in its characters though. Cameron is a lazy pot-smoking teenager who discovers he has mad cow disease, Gonzo is a Spanish-speaking dwarf obsessed with the idea that he's dying, and Balder is a Norse god trapped in the body of a lawn gnome. It was interesting overall and I enjoyed Libba Bray's writing and humor (though not as much as [book: Beauty Queens]), but it was just way too dragged-out and didn't have the strong finish I was expecting.