When Parents Text: So Much Said...So Little Understood - Sophia Fraioli, Lauren Kaelin Some pretty funny stuff - it made me "LOL" several times. It was especially refreshing since I was working so many overtime hours at a conference this week and really needed some mental breaks to just relax a bit. I hadn't heard of the website www.whenparentstext.com before reading this, but I'll definitely start checking it periodically when I want a laugh. It sounds like it's similar to www.autocorrectfail.org, www.lamebook.com, etc. It's definitely an interesting and pertinent topic for today's times - parents are trying their damnedest to keep up and in touch with their kids these days as everything (especially communication) shifts more and more towards the digital world. I've personally had to walk my parents through how to text (those first few laboriously typed out texts were priceless, let me tell you) and how to join and use facebook (and I could so commiserate with the texts in this book about the "oh god" moments when their parents finally did figure out how to friend request them on facebook and start to leave lovely little comments on their pictures and walls). It's nice to have another method of keeping in touch with our parents, but you have to admit, no matter how hard they try they just can't quite do it as naturally as our generations. But that's another reason we love them so much - they're so quirky and goofy you can't help but love them. This book shines a light on the hilarious and very relatable adventures of parents and old(er) people tackling texting and just overall getting "with it" (the times, man, the times).