Baby Proof - Emily Giffin Ugh. So many things to criticize, I just don't know where to start. This book started out promising because it had a unique and unorthodox protagonist, a young woman who *gasp* doesn't want kids. I could relate to this and was hoping to find a story about how it's totally okay to not want children and it's actually a good thing to know what you do and don't want before taking on the life-altering step of getting pregnant so you don't end up begrudgingly raising a kid you never wanted. Instead I got a book about women trying to get pregnant to keep their guy around (sometimes unbeknownst to him, which I think is completely unforgivable and unfathomable), women sticking by their cheating husbands just to keep the kids happy, and the woman for whom I had such high hopes (the protagonist) floundering on her decision and thinking maybe I will bring a child into this world just to make my man happy. Because that's what you do for "true love." Give me a freakin' break.

I had previously read Emily Giffin's Love the One You're With and thought it was pretty good, but throughout reading this one I kept having the nagging suspicion that every protagonist in this author's books are essentially the same woman with very slightly different circumstances going through a major decision or crossroads in her life. I repeatedly got confused for a few moments while reading because I kept getting the protagonist from the other book mixed up with this one. Their lives, personalities, and decisions kept bleeding together into a very disappointing, repetitive mess. Meanwhile the secondary characters were all so paper thin and poorly constructed with such little personality and originality that I couldn't even keep their names straight or give a crap about any of them.

So overall this was a huge let-down. Everyone's raving about Emily Giffin's new book Where We Belong but I'm not sure I even want to give her another chance. I'm noticing a distinct pattern with her books: she reels you in with an intriguing plot and everything's cool and exciting in the beginning, and then about halfway through it's like she runs out of ideas and reverts to dated cliches and lets her characters just go through the motions until she reaches her quota of pages. And then boom, the ending is completely uncharacteristic of the character she created in the beginning. The only reason I actually finished this thing (and omg it draaaaagged on and on and on) is that it really bugs me not to finish a book. Arg, so much wasted time here.