The Guerrilla Girls' Bedside Companion to the History of Western Art - Guerrilla Girls 3.5 stars

I got my degree in Art History and I had never heard of the Guerrilla Girls until I took a class called "Women in Art." It's a shame that I had to take a class specifically about women artists before anyone in my field ever decided to mention such an amazing organization. Their goal is to get more women and artists of color showcased (or even put on display rather than kept in basements and storage rooms) in art museums and galleries. They want equality and to be recorded in history books as such. Here are a few of my favorite posters that they've done over the years:


Get Naked

Racism & Sexism

These are all awesome and extremely important messages and ideas that need to get out to the public but I just didn't feel that the book was as powerful and effective as it could have been. I wish there had been some more in-depth analyses of the reasons why women and people of color have been kept out of history books and museums for so long, as well as some more information on some of the more famous women artists. Each artist is given only 1-2 pages apiece (for fairness I suppose) and it's just not enough space to fully discuss them, especially when there's so much extra stuff (quotes, facts, etc.) around the margins. It's a great introduction though to a very important topic and a fabulous organization that's trying to make the world a better place. Here's their website for more information: Guerrilla Girls