The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide - Eva Talmadge, Justin    Taylor This was a really neat book. I didn't like all of the tattoos of course because everyone has different tastes, but I admire most of these people for forever emblazoning their love for particular books or authors or poems on their skin. I think it's easier and a lot more likely for a person to end up regretting a tattoo of a significant other's name or a current favorite band name or something like a cute bunny (or god forbid, Bugs Bunny's portrait) than it would be to get a tattoo commemorating your all-time favorite book or author or a quote that's haunted you forever. Relationship statuses and musical tastes change as you get older, but a quote or book title will always stay the same. The only thing that will evolve is your understanding of it or what it means to you at different points in your life. I think that's amazing, having something as stable and unchanging as a quote on your skin while you grow up and understand it in new ways over time. So I think all of these tattoos are awesome in that respect and at some point I'd like to get my own literary tattoo. It'll definitely mean a lot more to me than the one I have now but I guess you live and learn. Overall, a very cool book but I wish it would've had more variety (most of the people portrayed are New Yokers or their neighbors) and it would've been nice to get the story behind the tattoo for each person and not just a select few.