Dead Until Dark - Charlaine Harris I’m not a True Blood die-hard fan or anything, but I did get sucked into hours and hours of episodes – I think I got through the third season – while I had limited time access to HBO Go (oh how I miss you, HBO Go). Since HBO is hella expensive, I have no idea what has recently happened to Sookie and the gang, so I figured I might as well try reading the series to see if it’s much different and/or possibly better than the TV series. The writing is nothing special (which I really didn’t expect it to be). Harris’s writing is like the Southern, paranormal version of Danielle Steel’s. It’s mainly plot driven with very little time spent giving descriptions aside from vain, superficial things like each outfit Sookie changes into and some pretty risqué sex scenes. It’s pretty much the book equivalent of a super steamy soap opera with lots of exciting plot twists and the added excitement and novelty of supernatural characters like vampires, shape shifters, and a psychic.

Sookie seems a bit more independent in the book than she does in the TV show. Bill doesn’t come to her rescue nearly as much and she gets herself out of some serious shit on her own, which I liked and was impressed with. I was disappointed to find out that Tara (Sookie’s best friend) doesn’t come into the books until the second installment, so I’ll have that to look forward to since Tara was one of my favorite characters in the TV series. I noticed while I was reading that Bill comes off a lot more like a crazed vampire rapist than he does as a love-crazed beau when all his actions and words are written out and you have time to digest them rather than just watch all of it fly by on TV. So that was a little disturbing. I’m hoping Bill gets lost somewhat soon (I can’t remember how it goes in the show but I think I remember Sookie breaking up with him at some point) and Sookie moves on to Eric. Because Eric’s definitely a lot more fun and exciting (and hotter – on the show at least).

Overall, a nice, quick, entertaining read. It’s definitely not boring, especially since it’s different from the show so you won’t know what’s going to happen next. It’s pretty racy though, so you probably don’t want your children/teens reading it – unless you’re cool with them watching the HBO series, and then I guess that’s your business.