The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead - Max Brooks Bring on those damned dirty zombies. I’M READY!!!

This guide covers all the bases (from preparation to action and beyond) on how to survive not if, but when the next zombie outbreak occurs. Yes, you heard/read that correctly, I said the “next” one. Because throughout history, numerous accounts of mysterious murders and plagues of the undead have been recorded and told by those who have survived them and they’re all in this book so that you won’t make the same mistakes and become zombie chow. Actually not really because this is a work of fiction, but Max Brooks had me really paranoid and scared because he tells it all so matter-of-factly that you do not want to mess around. While reading, I felt a sudden urgent need to scout out a location for a safe house in the tundra for when the zombies come to kill us all. So I’m thinking I should probably start stock-piling canned goods and invest in a sturdy sword of some sort and get to practicing. You know, just in case.

Brooks goes over all the different varieties of zombies so that you’ll know your enemy’s strengths and weaknesses no matter what. Next is the weapons overview which was really quite interesting and informative. You can tell that he researched and thought through all the possible scenarios so you know exactly what to pack and what to leave behind (hint: you’re gonna want a crowbar). Then there are overviews of how to act while on the run, on the attack, and on the defense. Different terrain types are covered so that you can get a sense of which direction to run when all hell breaks loose and what obstacles you’ll probably face while going through each environment and season. Basic survival strategies (like how to live in the wilderness and make fire and all that) aren’t covered since there are plenty of other guides out there to teach that. Same goes for basic medical and agricultural knowledge, which you’ll need to know when rebuilding society – you’ll have to consult some textbooks. This book is all about surviving in a zombie-filled world. I will keep it close at hand on my bookshelf next to an emergency knapsack and my handy sword.