The Dark Glamour - Gabriella Pierce This is book 2 of the [book: 666 Park Avenue] series, with a similar glittery book jacket design but a not as dazzling plot line. The climax doesn’t arrive until about the last 50 pages of the book, and even though it is very exciting and unexpected, it doesn’t really make up for the previous sluggish 250 pages. Plus the ending is a total cliff-hanger, so that’s a little annoying that I’ll probably have to wait another year or so to figure out what happens next. I can wait though. It’s definitely no [book: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo], even though there are allusions to that thrilling mystery of mysteries in this book (our protagonist Jane Boyle finds herself in a precarious situation in which she must find a long-lost female relative for someone—or else die—just as Blomkvist did for Mr. Vanger). The Dark Glamour opens with Jane on the run after deciding to part ways with her new husband Malcolm Doran, each of them hoping that separately they’ll be less likely to draw attention from the media and all the bad guys and witches who are hunting them. Malcolm never makes an appearance in this book and what really bothered and confused me the whole time I was reading it is that Jane (or the author) just can’t seem to figure out how she feels about Malcolm. To fill you in from book 1 (and here comes a spoiler if you haven’t already read it), Malcolm killed Jane’s grandmother so that his mother, Jane’s evil mother-in-law and nemesis Lynne, could find Jane and steal her magic. So that’s a pretty hate-worthy action, especially since Jane’s grandmother was her last living relative, so you’d think she’d want him dead, right? But since he’s oh-so-dreamy and “magic calls to magic,” she ends up kind of forgiving him at the end of book 1. But then in this book she alternates between being mad at him/wishing him dead and wistfully longing for him to be at her side. Then, the second another tall, dark, and handsome witch-related (therefore with magical blood) dude shows up, Jane’s panties are flying off without so much as a second thought about Malcolm. Maybe it’s just me, but I figured she would at least pause for a second (before or after the dirty deed) to think about her husband while she was repeatedly committing adultery. But no, Malcolm is completely forgotten. And then Jane has the nerve to get jealous when Harris (another guy with magical blood she’s crushing on) starts going out with her roommate Dee. So maybe Jane’s just kind of a ho-bag.

Anyway, sorry to get off track. I just didn’t like book 2 as much as I did book 1. Jane is even more ditzy and dim-witted in this book than she was in the first one, and that makes the story drag even more. Hopefully in book 3 she’ll get her shiz together and be the more powerful, confident witch and protagonist that she should be (and it does look like she’s on her way to becoming that, from the way book 2 ended). There’s a witch war coming in book 3 so she’ll definitely have to be at the top of her game. 2.5 stars