Collected Stories - Franz Kafka, Willa Muir, Edwin Muir, Gabriel Josipovici I've renewed this from the library a couple of times and still haven't finished it (I got to "In the Penal Colony") so I guess I'll return it and come back to it later. This is definitely a book that would be better to buy than check out, just so you're not rushed and can have time to digest each story. I ended up reading it in spurts between other, less depressing books. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying Kafka's stories. They're extremely interesting studies of human nature and explorations of emotions. But the long, long (like a full page) run-on sentences can become a little tedious sometimes and the general outlook can become quite the downer. I think I'm gonna go watch youtube videos of cute cuddly kittens and bunnies to cheer myself up now. Poor Gregor Samsa.