French Lessons - Ellen Sussman Warning: I apologize for the ramblings contained within the following review. It's very hot and our A/C isn't working properly. So cut me some slack.

This was a nice, quick summer/beach read about three French tutors and their three American students, teaching and learning about the French language, their lives, and love. It was like a yummy, syrupy, numbing snow cone for my mushy overheated brain (me can't think too good in 100-degree heat). I enjoyed all three stories (each section is a different coupling of tutor/student and their adventures in Paris in a single day), but I wasn't crazy about any of the endings. They were left open-ended with lots of loose ties, but like I said, you don't really need to think too hard with this book. So just take a little braincation (see what I did there? that's a "brain vacation") to France and go with it. If you're like me, you'll get quite a chuckle out of the romantic/sexy parts (apparently this author has previously penned several books about sex and naughty bits). I just thought they were super cheesy. This little gem of a passage cracked me up (it's a hot and heavy conversation between a couple before their trip to France):

"I'll teach you French. We'll talk dirty in French in bed with each other."
"I'm terrible at languages."
"I'll be your French tutor."
"You don't talk dirty in English."
"That's just because I can't catch my breath."
"Say 'Undress me' in French."
"Say 'Fuck me.'"
"Say 'Devour me.'"
"Say 'Don't ever stop.'"
"N'arrete jamais."
"Say you'll come with me to Paris."
"Je t'aime."

I'm not positive that made it through to the final cut since this is an ARC, but it definitely entertained me. So yeah, good braincation :)