The BFG - Quentin Blake, Roald Dahl I read this for my BBC challenge ( and was really excited about reading it. Most people on Goodreads have given it 5 stars and say it's one of their favorite Dahl books. Maybe I'm getting burned out on children's books (which I thought was impossible) but I was kind of disappointed by this one. Perhaps this is one of those books that you had to have read as a kid and have lots of warm fuzzy memories of in order to really appreciate it. Or maybe I should have been reading it to a kid so that I could have heard out loud all those crazy made-up words and how hilarious the fart jokes would be to a child (they did make me smirk though). I guess I should revert back to more adult-type books for a while so I can better appreciate these nonsensical whimsical childhood treasures.