Little House on the Prairie  - Laura Ingalls Wilder, Garth Williams I didn't like this one as much as the first book (Little House in the Big Woods). Pa Ingalls kept pissing me off with all his stupid whims that kept putting the entire family in danger, and he never seemed too concerned when any of them came close to dying or getting severely hurt. "Oh, I just dropped a huge log on your leg, Ma? It's cool, just walk it off. You can drag your gimped-up leg behind you to get the water you'll need to make dinner tonight." "Oh snap, we all just survived malaria, woo! Word around the campfire is that watermelons caused it? Screw that, I'm gonna go get one and eat it anyway - here, kids!" Those are the first two examples that spring to mind but there were several other instances. I don't know how Ma put up with all that and always kept her cool. So, overall, this one was pretty disappointing. Hopefully the next book gets better. Was the TV series based on just this book or the whole series?