Autumn - David Moody This was a First Reads win for me, which is a happy because that means it was free. I would be pretty mad if I had paid $14 for it, especially since the whole book is essentially a teaser/introduction to a series of sequels (I think there are four total). The pace of the book is extremely slow. I understand that at the beginning of an apocalypse you aren’t going to want to do much at first but grieve for your dead family, friends, and entire normal way of life, but once you’ve done that for a bit you should really get a move on.

The dialogue in this book is repetitive and boring. It needs more action and movement, or at least more descriptions so you can imagine what’s going on around the people as they talk. It just goes back and forth, question and answer, back and forth, like a game of Pong. Even when the characters get upset, they just don’t seem genuine and I just can’t care enough for them. More character development would’ve been helpful too. All you really know about each person is about how old they are, what they do for a living, and for some of them you know who they’ve lost to the virus.

The main thing that bothered me is this: everyone’s heard of zombies (if you haven’t heard of a zombie or seen a movie about zombies, you have been living under a rock). And when you start seeing corpses rise from the ground, you can be pretty much 100% sure that they are freaking zombies. When that happens, it is time to start shooting/beating their heads in so that they die…again. You don’t just watch them stumble around like it’s some kind of TV show and wait for them to come kill you. That’s just stupid. These people just farted around wasting time watching the zombies come to life until they finally started coming after them.

I don’t feel better prepared for a zombie apocalypse at all after reading this, and I really would like to be somewhat comforted after reading stuff like this since zombies scare the crap out of me. I think I’m going to have to bump up The Zombie Survival Guide on my to-read list just so I feel a little better equipped. You know, just in case.