The Last Train from Paris - Stacy Cohen I really enjoyed this one. It was a very quick read and you can’t help but get caught up in it (I unintentionally took an hour-long break instead of a 15 minute one at work because I just had to know what happened next - oops). If you enjoy historical fiction and you’re a fan of art (especially if you like Joan Miró and Henri Matisse, who are both characters in the novel), you’ll probably like this book. I love both so it was a win-win for me. It’s set in Nazi-occupied Paris during WWII and is about an artist, Jean-Luc Beauchamp, under the tutelage of friend and fellow artist Miró (later he is an apprentice to Matisse). The typical boy-meets-girl story follows when Jean-Luc meets Natasha, a Russian ballerina. After falling deeply in love with one another, a new suitor enters the scene. Heinrich Lorenz, a ranking German officer used to getting everything he wants, scoops up Natasha and threatens to kill anyone who gets in his way of her. A torrid, painful love triangle ensues.