Where Is That Cat?

Where Is That Cat? - Carol Greene, Loretta Krupinski This was such a cute book. It's definitely Mary Jane's favorite out of the last batch of library books I brought home. She keeps requesting that I read it and she's started trying to read along with me since there's a definite repetition that she can catch onto and predict what I'm going to read next (like, "where is that cat?"). It's about an old woman who finds a cat out in the snow and brings it in so she can try to find its owner. She puts an ad in the newspaper and people keep coming by the house to look at the cat, but every time someone comes in the cat hides (this is MJ's favorite part because she has to look for the cat in the illustrations). The old lady ends up loving the cat and decides to keep it - aww. I highly recommend for the young'uns.