I Was Told There'd Be Cake - Sloane Crosley Hmm. I don't really have anything great or terrible to say about this book. It was just an okay one for me which passed the time pleasantly enough and did actually make me laugh a few times. The author did rub me the wrong way a bit. (Side note: if I pick another memoir that endlessly touts the amazing and unique awesomeness of NYC, I'm going to scream.) She seemed to be trying too hard at times, attempting to wrap everything up with a neat, thought-provoking bow at the end of each essay. There were parts of it that didn't flow naturally or seem genuine but other parts (usually about her childhood or strange things happening to her, like finding a small turd on her bathroom floor after hosting a dinner party) sounded like a friend telling a great story. I'd probably read something else by her but I won't be waiting with anticipation for her next publication or anything. It'd be a good book for a plane ride or the beach.