Raven Girl - Audrey Niffenegger This was a weird one. I ordered it from the library because I liked Audrey Niffenegger's past novels and the creepy art on the cover was quite intriguing (btw all the etchings in the book including the one on the cover were done by Audrey, which makes her way more awesome). I just wish I had known going into it that this book was written to serve as the inspiration for the choreography of a ballet. It would've made a bit more sense and the abruptness of the transitions would have been more logical since it seems like in ballets there's usually a long build-up and then a quick exciting climax and then an ending. This book had such a rapid-fire ending that made very little sense (actually, the whole book doesn't make much sense, what with the whole premise of a postman impregnating a raven), but since it's supposed to be a modern twist on fairy tales I guess I can let it go. I really liked the etchings though and the ballet looks like it'd be really good. Here's a link to a behind the scenes session at the Royal Opera House. Skip to 8:15 if you want to get past the choreographer's corrections and interruptions and go straight to an excerpt of the ballet set to music. I wish I could see it all!