1001 Books for Every Mood - Hallie Ephron I was a little disappointed by this book. I didn't get nearly as many new books to read as I thought I'd get out of it. I had either already read them, they were already on my to-read list, or they just didn't sound like my cup of tea. I really liked the concept of this book though and I think it'd be a nice gift to add to a young-adult/teenage person's library. Ephron offers a nice mixture of fiction and non-fiction, well-known and unheard-of titles, and tries to limit one book per author. There are also some quizzes and trivia factoids in between chapters to keep things interesting. I really like how she has a little symbol guide for all the books:

* Literary Merit - She rates the books out of four stars. It's not clear how she grades this and comes up with her stars and I disagreed on a lot of her decisions. She gave some really awesome books, like Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy two stars, while The Time Traveler's Wife got four stars. Wtf?
* Provocative
* Influential
* Inspirational
* Humorous
* Brainy
* Easy Reading
* Page Turner
* Challenging
* Bathroom Book
* Family Friendly
* Movie

So that plus the plot summary she gives for each book makes it really helpful for you to figure out whether or not you'd be interested in reading a particular book. And if you're looking for a specific book to find out what kind of mood it might put you in, there's a handy index in the back.